What We Do

The MBA Association is responsible for acting as a liaison and a representative of all Notre Dame traditional MBA students and alumni. The MBAA is responsible for activities, programs, and initiatives for the entire MBA community, including students, their families, faculty, and administration.
Last year, the MBAA planned several events, including:
•   Winter Formal
•   Lunches with the Dean
•   Chicago Networking Event
•   Official MBA Tailgates
•   Thirsty Thursdays

Outside Clubs

All clubs must coordinate the scheduling of activities through the Senior Vice President of Clubs, the MBA Program office and the Student Activities Office. The MBAA also approves new clubs and start-up funds for these clubs.

Our Meetings

Meetings are held once a week (Mondays) and are attended by all members of the Executive Council and MBAA Council. Regular MBAA meetings are closed to the public. Once a mod, club presidents are invited to attend an MBAA meeting.

Our Budget

The CFO maintains all financial records of the organization and report updates at each meeting. A budget is established and/or revised by the third week of the fall semester and approved by a recorded vote of the MBAA Council.

The MBA Executive Council is required to maintain a balanced budget over its 12-month term and provide a “debt” free ledger to the succeeding administration.