New Officers On Board

Author: Emile Saad

ND MBAs chose their new two-year MBAA officers in voting sessions for the president and officers. The new officers from the 2Y class of 2017 are:

President: Will Foster

Chief Financial Officer: Graham Gardner

Chief Communications Officer: Jason Davis

Chief International Officer: Heena Purohit

SVP of Clubs: Sudeep Sanan

SVP of Academic and Student Affairs: Thomas Bodeau

SVP of Committees: Ephrem Shaffer

SVP of Leadership: Robert Kuang

SVP of Career Development: Elizabeth Lynch

SVP of FLC: Will Moran

SVP of SAC (1st year): Dara Chesnutt

SVP of Technology: Chris Faulkner

Congratulations to the new officers and best of luck in their new roles.