Tender, Strong, and True Awards

The Tender, Strong, and True Awards recognize three outstanding leaders, one from each pillar that embodies the tender, strong, or true characteristics.

Tender leaders care deeply about others, and especially about the poor and vulnerable. They are empathetic, approachable, grateful, forgiving, fair, patient, open-minded, understanding, encouraging and kind. Tender leaders are also humble enough readily to recognize when they are wrong, responsible for something going badly, in need of help from God or others, or in need of continued learning and growth. They are more inclined to give credit for successes to others than to take credit for them.

Strong leaders have deeply-rooted moral and spiritual values and convictions that are the fruit of deep reflection. They stand up for others to uphold those values and convictions with courage and tactical savvy even when there is considerable personal risk in doing so. Strong leaders see and believe in the potential of their followers and maintain the right balance between being challenging and being supportive in order to help followers realize their potential. They are reassuringly competent and constantly strive for excellence and encourage others to do so as well. Strong leaders also empower others and are moved by a servant’s heart to exercise power for the benefit of followers rather than over them for their own benefit.

True leaders are keenly aware of their strengths and limitations and strategically apply them to grow the good in business optimally. They keep a steady focus on what matters most and are authentic in their values and convictions. These leaders do the right thing because they want to do so rather than because they have to do so. True leaders embody high integrity who inspire a high level of confidence in followers that they can always be counted on to adhere to the highest ethical standards and so inspire others to do the same.


Past Winners

Academic Year 2022-2023

Tender: Debby Olagunju  (Class of 2023)
Strong: Funmi Owopetu (Class of 2023)

Academic Year 2021-2022

Tender: Malachi Randolph  (Class of 2022)
Strong: Sean Parrington(Class of 2022)

True: Helen Chen (Class of 2022)

Academic Year 2020-2021

Tender: Christine Chun  (Class of 2021)
Strong: Molly Lawrence  (Class of 2020)
True: Eric Sweeney  (Class of 2020)


Previous Award (pre-2020): Dean Woo Leadership Award