About the MBAA

"Whatever you value, be committed to it and let nothing distract you from this goal. The uncommitted life, like Plato’s unexamined life, is not worth living."
Fr. Theodore Hesburgh

The Notre Dame MBA Association (MBAA) serves as faithful steward of the academic, professional, and interpersonal potential of Notre Dame MBA students. It is committed to maximizing opportunities for growth by fostering community, professionalism, scholarship, and personal integrity among students, and by serving as student advocate and liaison to MBA program administrators. 

In all of its actions the MBAA strives to uphold the values and interests of the MBA Program, its alumni, the surrounding community, and the University of Notre Dame as a whole, and to strengthen the name and good standing of the Notre Dame MBA as a premiere Catholic business school and home to the ideals of community, human development and individual integrity.    

To this end, the MBAA will engage in activities that:

  • foster interaction and fellowship among MBA students and families, faculty, and administrators
  • shape and hone the academic experience
  • promote relationships with business leaders
  • avail resources and opportunities for scholarship and professional studies
  • further engage Notre Dame with the South Bend community
  • embrace technological trends and leverage them to the benefit MBA students