Dean Woo Leadership Award

The Dean Woo Leadership Award recognizes an outstanding leader from each class (second-year, one-year, and first-year MBAs) that has gone above and beyond to better the program, Notre Dame, and his/her classmates alike. S/he should exhibit the same charismatic and selfless leadership personified by the former Dean of Mendoza, Dr. Carolyn Woo.

Past Winners

Academic Year 2017-2018

Fall 2017: 
Second-year: Vinod Krishnadas (Class of 2018) 
One-year: Jake Downs (Class of 2018)
First-year: Abigail Mayo (Class of 2019)

Academic Year 2016-2017

Spring 2017: 
Second-year: Andrew Cornick (Class of 2017)
One-year: Christine Ginger and Bernardo Sicsú (Class of 2017)
First-year: Alex Prosperi (Class of 2018)

Fall 2016: 
Second-year: Dara Chesnutt (Class of 2017) 
One-year: Tiffany Lee (Class of 2017)
First-year: Sir Martin Cortez (Class of 2018)

Academic Year 2015-2016

Spring 2016: 
Second-year: Molly Burd (c/o 2016)
One-year: Jennifer Kaupa (c/o 2016)
First-year: Hans Rohr (c/o 2017)

Fall 2015: 
Second-year: Justin Jones (c/o 2016) 
One-year: Sean Kibbe (c/o 2016)
First-year: Wally McQuade (c/o 2017)

Academic Year 2014-2015

Spring 2015: 
Second-year: Carol Ann Michel (c/o 2015) 
One-year: Meghan Trossen (c/o 2015) 
First-year: Kelly Chase (c/o 2016)

Fall 2014: 
Second-year: Diana Mo (c/o 2015) 
One-year: Scott Lalor (c/o 2015)
First-year: William Jenista (c/o 2016)

Academic Year 2013-2014

Spring 2014: 
Second-year: Hilary Wilson (c/o 2014) 
One-year: Ryan Smith (c/o 2014)
First-year: John Henry (c/o 2015)

Fall 2013: 
Lisa Gibboney (c/o 2014)

Academic Year 2012-2013

Michelle Purvis  (c/o 2013)
Erin Hoekstra  (c/o 2013)
Zach Schneider  (c/o 2013)
Fred Patterson (c/o 2012)