Family Life Committee

The Notre Dame family is one of inclusion and camaraderie.  The mission of the Family Life Committee is to make Notre Dame feel like home to all families and allow significant others including spouses and children to be a part of the Notre Dame experience. We feel that the top three priorities of the Family Life Committee are:

  1. Create a New Home – We want people from all around the world and from various backgrounds to feel at home when they come to Notre Dame. The Family Life Committee allows people to create a network in a new and unfamiliar place. We want to promote a sense of camaraderie by encouraging families and spouses to meet regularly.
  2. Host Stimulating Events – it is important that we host events regularly that not only promote club involvement but also bring club members and families closer together.
  3. Help One Another – The Family Life Committee promotes a caring and compassionate nature between members. Whether this be working together to provide meals to families that have just had a child, to helping with babysitting during interviews we want to be there for each other.

Through staying aligned with these priorities the Family Life Committee will be able to offer its families an invaluable resource during their time here at Notre Dame. Ideally, these will become friendships that last long after we have left South Bend.