Academic and Student Affairs Committee

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee works with the MBA Office to provide student input on the curricula and other related academic issues. This includes liaising with the MBA Program Director and Dean’s Office to provide feedback on program initiatives and suggest changes. This committee arranges Dean’s Luncheons and coordinates and manages the MBA program surveys.

Chair: Brock Reneer |

Key Event(s): MBAA Dean’s Luncheons

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee works hand-in-hand with the MBA Admissions Office. The committee aims to provide student input to the admissions process, as well as to facilitate current students’ interaction with candidates interested in the program. Committee members are responsible for numerous activities throughout the admissions process: planning information sessions throughout the Fall; managing the student ambassadors who host candidates for class visits, tours, and interviews; running the on-campus Preview Weekends and Welcome Weekend; reaching out to admitted students to increase yield; and capturing and promoting the entire process via social media. The committee’s ultimate goal is to ensure the annual admissions process results in the best possible class for the Notre Dame MBA.

Chair: Nicholas Malatestinic | and John Coughlin |

Key Event(s): Preview Weekend, Welcome Weekend, Ambassadors Event

Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee is tasked with four main functions.

1. To help set up and take down the 3 alumni football tailgates, put on by the John Cardinal O’Hara society and open to all alumni of the graduate business program and their family members;
2. To organize a class legacy campaign team;
3. To partner with either administration, a class project opportunity, or a co-curricular project such as Service Corps; and
4. To act as class secretary upon graduation and help organize reunion/class gatherings.

Chair: Kari Powell |

Key Event(s): Alumni Football Tailgates, Class Legacy Promotional Events

Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee is led by the current Senior Vice President of Career Development. The committee assumes responsibility for facilitating communications between the MBA Student Body and the Notre Dame MBA Career Development Staff.  The Committee Chair also liaises between the Corporate Ambassador Program (CAP) and the CAG Leaders.  Responsibilities include oversight of the Personal Development Program (PDP) for incoming first years.

Chair: Terrence Malloy |

Key Event(s): Chicago Networking Event

Case Competition Committee

The Case Competition Committee oversees finding case competitions for MBA students and communicating those opportunities to students. When entries are limited, they are responsible for selecting team members. The committee further facilitates the registration and other logistics of case competitions, including travel and registration reimbursements.

Chair: Nick Santoro |

Key Event(s): Club and Committee Fair, Bagel Breakfast, On-campus GE ECLP Competition

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for cultivating strategic partnerships with local nonprofit organizations and organizes community outreach activities.

Chair: Sarah Shoemaker | sshoema1

Key Event(s): Fundraisers and volunteering events in the community

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee's purpose is to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in the MBA program. The Committee strives to create an environment that respects and values all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, national origin, language use, socioeconomic background, veteran status or political ideology. The Committee also works to create opportunities for the importance of fostering diversity in the global business environment.

Chair: Matthew Kauffmann |

Key Event(s): Annual Mendoza College of Business Diversity Conference

Faith Development Committee

The Faith Development Committee (FDC) helps connect graduate business students to the mission of the University of Notre Dame: the pursuit of truth and human dignity in academics and business, informed by Notre Dame's Catholic identity and the life of Christ. The FDC also helps students of all faith traditions foster their faith experience at Mendoza by providing resources for growth and worship (both on-campus and in the local community) and opportunities for collegial discussion on the role of faith in business.

Chair: Caitlin Kelley | and Joseph Jackson |

Key Event(s): Annual MBA Retreat; Monthly/Mod Masses; Monthly Lunch Reflections

Family Life Committee

The Notre Dame MBA Family Life Committee assists MBA students and their significant others, spouses, and children with their transition to the University of Notre Dame and creates opportunities to socialize and develop relationships with each other.  Many families have questions with healthcare, schools, and social opportunities for their spouses and children.  We are here to ensure that every family has a great experience and has access to all the resources they need.

Chair: Cameron Miller |

Key Event(s): Fall Semester Family Welcome, SkyZone Trampoline Park, Basketball Game with Families, Year-end BBQ

Graduation Committee

The Graduation Week Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, promoting and hosting the schedule of activities during the week leading up to MBA graduation. Events vary, but all offer soon-to-be graduates the opportunity to be together as they enjoy their last week as MBA students. This year, activities include: a South Bend Cubs baseball game, a Pub Crawl, karaoke, a golf outing, a Spa Day, Grad Fest (dinner & live music), a Beach Darty (day party) at Silver Beach in Michigan, and an MBA Brunch immediately following the graduation ceremony on Saturday. The GW Committee is made up of at least 1 representative from each class (1st Year, 2nd Year, and One Year) and it is chaired by the 2nd Year student who was previously the 1st Year rep.

Chair: Taylor Clark | (

Key Event(s): Graduation Week

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is an extension of the SVP of Leadership position within the MBA Association and is composed of five members of the MBA program. These members are identified based on their ability to make an impact within the program and represent diverse backgrounds to ensure a broad set of leadership skills are embodied within the committee. The LDC oversees the MBA mentorship program which connects current MBA students with incoming candidates to provide a seamless and informative transition to life at Notre Dame and beyond. Additionally, the LDC oversees the Dean Woo Leadership Award which recognizes and honors outstanding leadership among the student body.

Chair: William Harris |

Key Event(s): Mentorship Programs, Dean Woo Leadership Award, Second-Year Buddies

Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee manages the extracurricular activities for the MBA program, including both regular ongoing activities and one-time parties, celebrations, and events. This committee often coordinates with various student groups to coordinate event planning and communicate activities to the student population, including the weekly selection of the Thirsty Thursday venue.

Chair: Erica Dolcini | and Roberto Canales |

Key Event(s): Thirsty Thursdays, Football Tailgates, Winter Formal & Spring Prom, Thanksgiving dinner, Monday night bowling league, Golf scrambles